Upgrade of minio to RELEASE.2020-07-14T19-14-30Z

Dear Mender,

I see minio version minio/minio:RELEASE.2018-09-25T21-34-43Z is being used (in 2.4). While launching it locally, I saw a warning from minio saying a new version is available, after checking latest version is RELEASE.2020-07-14T19-14-30Z.

Is it good to upgrade to this version of minio?

Looping in @tranchitella, who might comment on this.

It is possible to update minio, as long as it is back-compatible with the version we are testing. In a few scenarios we used version 2019-10-12T01:39:57Z and it worked fine, for example. We still prefer to stick to a specific version because that’s what we used in our automated test suites. Updating to a more recent version of minio is one of the things we planned for Mender 2.5, indeed.

Thank you @tranchitella for your comments. I locally updated to latest version, seems to work.