When is Mender 2.6 available with Meta-Mender?

Hello there,
I am very happy to read Mender 2.6 and its new cool remote terminal access feature.
I am really looking forward to testing it. I went through the meta-mender to check if the new version is available for yocto. I could see that the new version is not yet available with meta-mender.
Can someone tell me when the update will be available for yocto?
is this update available with all different branches or not?


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@anishmonachan It is already there :slight_smile:

You are probably confused by the versioning: Mender 2.6 comes with mender-client 2.5.0, which landed in meta-mender couple of days ago. See this table for the server/client versions match.

The new recipes are in master and dunfell, and we will port them to the zeus and warrior in the next monthly update.

By the way, to enable remote terminal you also need to install the mender-connect add-on, which is installed by default if you use meta-mender-demo layer. Otherwise you have to add it to your image.

Let us know if you need help!

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Indeed, I was confused with the versioning.
Now it is clear!
Thank you for clarifying and providing some additional information on how to enable this remote terminal feature. Looking forward to have the next monthly update :slight_smile:

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@anishmonachan You are welcome.

Just out of curiosity: do you need zeus or warrior? And is it due to your BSP layer not supporting dunfell or newer?

I’m using warrior. It doesn’t mean that the BSP layer not supporting the newer versions. It is because I’m not considering migrating to newer branches now.

@lluiscampos is there any plan to port it back to Thud as well? We’ve got no excuses for not updating other than laziness :grin:

@jakew009 We don’t maintain thud and earlier. Community patches for bugfixes can be accepted, but we won’t port new Mender versions.

And I am sorry to disappoint but it is not that simple: the Mender client requires a golang version newer that the one available in thud, which makes it technically difficult to port.