Mender 2.0 Released: Extending Update Capability


Hi everyone,

We are very excited to announce the production release of Mender 2.0! With reaching this big milestone, we believe Mender is now positioned for providing robust system - and application level updates to address all OTA update needs . A big thank you for all your contributions and continuous investment of your time in developing new features as well as everyone providing feedback and support!

Mender 2.0 extends capability beyond only system updates to enable:

· Support for applications, packages, containers and bootloaders

· Customization of the install and update process

· Faster speeds and more frequent updates for targeted application level updates.

Read more details in the release blog post.

Please feel free to reply with any questions or comments!


Awesome! My first question is whether it supports Yocto 2.7. I’m at a great point to upgrade to it.


Hi @TimFroehlich!

As Yocto 2.7/warrior was released just a week ago meta-mender does not support it yet. But it is coming soon, hopefully within a month or so if there are no unforseen problems!


I added the following to the local.conf to enable the Mender 2.0.0 beta, after I upgraded from Mender 1.7.0.

PREFERRED_VERSION_pn-mender = "2.0.%"
PREFERRED_VERSION_pn-mender-artifact = "3.0.%"
PREFERRED_VERSION_pn-mender-artifact-native = "3.0.%"

Whether the above steps are valid for production release of Mender 2.0 too? I have seen in the blog post that, the Mender 2.0 will not come by default.
What else I need to change if I already using Mender 2.0 beta and want to use Mender 2.0 production client?

PS: A small note on how to move from beta (Mender 2.0 client) to production (Mender 2.0 client) (with required configurations) will help everyone to understand it clearly :slight_smile:

Mender upgrade from 2.0.0 beta1 to 2.0.0

The steps are still valid, there is no change. And moving off the beta to 2.0.0 final requires no change either, other than updating the meta-mender branch.

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The Yocto 2.7 support is tracked here, and there are some issues:
Help appreciated to get it working sooner :slight_smile:


I might be able to after my next release :slight_smile:


Hi all,

Just to inform all that recipes for Mender 2.0.0 (and Mender 1.7.1) are now back-ported to sumo and rocko branches of the meta-mender Yocto layer. Mender 1.7.1 is the default in these branches, but 2.0.0 can be enabled in local.conf.

See Changelogs for details.



Is the plan to move sumo/rocko to 2.0.0 eventually?



The recipes for 2.0.0 should be in both rocko and sumo, but it will not be enabled by default. You have to add,

PREFERRED_VERSION_pn-mender = "2.%"
PREFERRED_VERSION_pn-mender-artifact = "3.%"
PREFERRED_VERSION_pn-mender-artifact-native = "3.%"

Thanks for the reply - I guess my question was more along the lines of:

Why is 2.0.0 not the default for these, is it 1) They require more testing before it becomes the default, 2) 1.7.1 (or 1.x) will be the last supported version for these branches or something else?



It is because 2.0.0 contains breaking changes, and we can not make this the default on “stable” branches.

It will only default on the upcoming Yocto release, that is meta-mender/warrior


Ah, I see. I am still exploring Mender for use with my project on a rocko branch. Would you recommend switching to 2.0.0 since I have not released yet?



Yes, would definitely recommend switching to 2.0.0 if this is your first release.

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