Mender 2.1 released: Deploy your first application easily

Hi everyone,

We are happy to announce the 2.1 production release which makes it easier and faster to get you started on deploying application-based updates. We’ve leveraged Update Modules to enable this fast onboarding experience. You can learn more on this blog post.

Try it out today and please feel free to reply with any questions or comments!

Thanks to all our community members for the continued feedback and support.

Mender Team

The linked blog post defines Yocto support as extended to Thud, but not yet Warrior, 2.7.1.
However, meta-mender under warrior is inclusive of the 2.1.1 bb file, and indeed, that is the default build target, even without including a PREFERRED directive for it; this implies 2.1(1) now supports YP warrior.

Is this officially the case?


this implies 2.1(1) now supports YP warrior.

Yes, warrior is now officially supported even though we announced it as part of of the upcoming 2.2 release. But the Yocto branch releases are independent and usually cover several Mender releases.

E.g warrior branch supports 1.7.x, 2.1.x and the upcoming 2.2.