Does mender support yocto 3.0 zeus?

It’s not a real requirement, but I want to start the discussion about the update to zeus :slightly_smiling_face:

Does your current scheduling contain also the release of mender for zeus? Do you have an expected release date?

Thank you.

Thanks for starting this thread @Ks89

Definitely have plans to add zeus support and you can watch the relevant task for updates on this matter,

Unfortunately, I can not give you a expected release date as it all depends on priorities.

I encourage the community to comment on this thread if this is blocking them or causing inconvenience, and the more people request/comment, will make prioritization easier.

Likewise I’d like to move up to zeus as it comes with fixes in layers I’m using.

Looking at the issue, whilst it’s a blocking issue for QEMU support is a WIP branch possible (even if it’s on a personal repo)?

There is a zeus-next branch in meta-mender, but it is not usable because it still contains LAYERSERIES_COMPAT_mender = "warrior", this was intentionally left as-is because it is a WIP branch and do not want to people to consider it something stable but if you fork it or make a local modification you can definitely start testing things out and report any findings/issues


We’d also love to see zeus support getting some traction.

There are some new features in recent systemd versions provided in oe-core zeus which we want, and doing a backport of the init manager feels overly risky. Mender is the only thing preventing us from migrating to zeus at this point.

That and since we haven’t yet put in place a solution to quickly deploy security updates, we rely on OE to keep our packages up-to-date-ish, and secure-ish. Staying on Warrior means we’re missing out on an increasing number of security updates.

On a side note, it’s midly unsettling to learn zeus support is not a high priority more than 3 months after release. Shouldn’t it be or am i missing some context ?

+1 for zeus

We would also like to see zeus support in Mender. Will be great to know an official estimation on this :wink:

@mirzak Is there any specific points on which we can help ?

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This is the list of tasks that we need to fix before we can release zeus. All are on our road map, but not currently scheduled. The Rename task is important to align the Yocto branches with Debian, and the broken U-Boot/UEFI support is important for our ability to test the software. I expect the latter to be quite hard, so I would not attempt it unless you have a lot of determination. The first one could be an ok task if you want to help though. You may need to get your hands dirty with some test code though, so you are warned! :slight_smile: