Mender 2.0.0 probable release date?

I read the mention of mender 2.0.0 is one the discussions, eagerly went and searched for the release date, but could not find more info. Probable date of release?

Thank you
Pei Cei

We don’t have an exact date, but I we are hoping the beta will be out within the next two weeks!

@kacf Thank you for the information.

Hello everyone,

I am about to merge by current project, which is using mender1.4 with a more recentverison (I was looking for 1.7 currently).

But, with incoming 2.0, I am considering shifting a little this transition.

I saw in this discussion that beta is arriving soon (in two weeks, two weeks ago :slight_smile: so, not far from today I hope ).

This is a good information.

In a few word, what are the big topics/new features of this new version compare to v1.7?

And, can we consider the v2.0 beta close to a real release version? Or amount of change from 2.0 may implicitely imply some regression/issues…

Thanks a lot

PS : This is a great tool to use!

Obviously 2.0.0 beta can have some issues, it is after all beta. I would
definitely not put it into production. 1.7.0 is a safer choice in this
regard, since it has been out for a long time and is being used by many

That being said, we never release anything that doesn’t pass our own
internal tests, even beta releases, so it’s still reasonable close to
the final product, and you can probably start testing it. The components
are being tested as we speak, so it should be any day now!

A more complete list will be posted soon, but some of the biggest
features of Mender 2.0.0 are update module support, artifact LZMA
compression support and a ton of UI features.


Ok, thanks for those information. I will shift integration date to this latest version then.
Looking forward to see this announcement.


Hi @kacf, do we have any approximate time (say, 1st week of April or mid of April etc) for Mender 2.0.0? All are waiting to see the Mender 2.0.0 :slight_smile:

Hi @ajithpv,

Releases can be a bit unpredictable. :slight_smile:

Mender 2.0 beta has been out for 3 weeks now and you should expect the final in 1-2 weeks. We always want to ensure high quality for everyone so if anyone finds important bugs we are addressing them before releasing, which makes the exact release date somewhat unpredictable.