Mender 2.0 beta released!

Hi everyone,

We are happy to announce the release of Mender 2.0 beta!

This is a big milestone for the Mender project, with Mender 2.0 beta you can:

  • Update applications
  • Create custom update methods using Update Modules
  • Install Mender with a Debian package
  • Save about 25% bandwidth with LZMA compression

Read more in the beta release blog post!

Testing the beta will help ensure the final release works well for your environment. Please feel free to reply with any questions or comments!


According to the Mender 2.0 beta release blog post,

In Mender 1.7 and earlier versions, you would install a new Mender Artifact by running mender -rootfs <URI> .
With Mender 2.0 and later, this argument has been changed to mender -install <URI> in order to make it more intuitive and align with the arguments used with Update Modules.

But the Mender 2.0 documentation still says:

To deploy the new Artifact to your device, run the following command in the device terminal:
mender -rootfs <URI>

Is this a typo?

Definitely a typo, pull-requests are appreciated :slight_smile:

Edit: There are multiple locations where -rootfs is still used.

Thanks, this was an oversight. Fixed here:

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I will do the changes accordingly and send the PR :blush:

Edit: I saw from @kacf that, the change is already done :slight_smile:

Any update on the Mender 2.0 release date (not beta)? :slight_smile:

Now :grin:

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