Preliminary support for Marvell/Globalscale espressobin v5 / v7

Just a small announcement that I have published preliminary support for Globalscale espressobin board integration.

It is based on repository and integration work already performed by teamredlabs which I am not affiliated with but would like to credit their work:

I have added a repo tool manifest.xml, a patch to get u-boot to compile and a README guide.

Testing is ongoing and more documentation will be added. If it is stable enough I will consider submitting for official inclusion in meta-mender-community (if there is interest).

Repository and guide available here:

Comments / testers / improvements welcomed.

Hello Cedric,

thank you very much for the heads up and sharing your effort. I will hopefully find time to look at it in the next couple of days and possibly give feedback.

We would love to see the board support being submitted for inclusion in meta-mender-community so if you have questions or need assistance just let me know.