Jetson Orin [Nano] Support


I found some – more or less – dated info about the Yocto / Jetson Orin Nano integration. This seemingly makes some progress. Idk the current state in terms of features completeness and stability though.

Is there any activity towards enabling the mender meta for the jetson orin platform? I know that there are some caveats with the new bootloader / filesystem layouts… latest info in this forum (that I found) is mid 2023:

…and unanswered question…

Any news on this?


Hi @axel,

Indeed, the information is a bit dated by now. The reason is that the project which funded the original PoC on the Orin was cancelled, and nobody picked it up yet. If you have such a platform as requirement, we are happy to help and assist in getting the integration set up.

Please get in touch if this is something we should look into.