Mender support for Jetson Orin Jetpack 5

Mender currently only supports Jetson Xavier, Jetpack 4.6 . Are there any plans with Nvidia to support next gen Orin, Jetpack 5.0.2+ ?
The current L4T 35.1 does not support image based updates but as Nvidia has stated it will be supported for the next release 35.2. Is this on Mender’s roadmap?

Hi @Chrys,

We certainly are looking into it, but as there have been other changes too (specifically around UEFI), it’s not clear when and in which form there will be support. Do you have an immediate use case?


Hi Josef,

It is good that Mender team is looking into it.
We want to use Mender as the main deployment system for our Orin devices and this depends of course on both Mender catching up with Nvidia’s releases but also on Nvidia supporting image based updates.