Meta-mender support for Yocto 5.0 "scarthgap" (LTS)


We are happy/proud/pleased/thrilled/excited/(insert other word that you like) to announce the official support for Yocto 5.0 “scarthgap”.


The meta-mender offers the validated Mender integration on both the scarthgap branch, as well as the [scarthgap-v2024.07)(Release scarthgap-v2024.07 · mendersoftware/meta-mender · GitHub) tag. It features numerous contributions by the community, from Enterprise over Basic customers all he way to open source enthusiasts. Thank you very much!


Board support other than QEMU lives in meta-mender-community, including the Raspberry Pi family. The scarthgap branch has been set as default there, and welcoming your board integrations, either new or version bumps.


The release notes and log are provided here. Some point worth highlighting:


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