Integration of NVIDIA Tegra Jetson TX2

@dwalkes thanks for sharing really looks like nice piece of HW. Would be also possible to add support for this board to meta-mender-community? All other boards like rpi, orangepi have support int this repo. It’s very simple to add support for new boards. We need to create new group (like tegra) add only meta-tegra and your changes from meta-mender-tegra few tweaks here and there and this is it.What do you think? Thanks.

@MarekBelisko, good idea, I will move my meta-mender-tegra changes into this repository and work on a pull request.

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Great work!

@dwalkes @MarekBelisko, I would hold of doing anything until we see what the result of you PR to meta-tegra is, and if they are interested in moving the contest of meta-mender-tegra to meta-tegra.

That would be preferred over putting it in meta-mender-community.

Sure thing @mirzak, I’ve updated the PR to state the intention and link this conversation.

See new meta-mender-community PR here

@mirzak, @MarekBelisko,
Thank you for your help and suggestions. I believe I’ve resolved all issues and the PR is now complete. Should the “INCOMPLETE” portion of the title be removed?

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I was unable to login to the device after running

When I add a monitor and keyboard it asks for a username and password (not sure what are the defaults)
It didn’t receive an ip when I connected it to a router, and I am not aware of any static ip it has.
Am I missing something?

The defaults are typically root:<no password> in Yocto.

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