Nanbield (4.3) - meta-mender support


I see in many posts that nanbield is under development. Is there already a meta-mender “branch” or dev-release for this? I was not able to find one. Is there perhaps even an exact release timeline?

I will play a bit with a stm32mp discovery kit and wanted to be up to date.

Hi @SebSauer,

Currently there is no development happening on nanbield, and we also do not intend to allocate resources to it. The master-next branch of meta-mender has some rudimentary build testing for langdale and mickledore, and I just manually built at least meta-mender-core for nanbield, so it does at least not immediately fall over. You can patch LAYERCOMPAT locally for development purposes.
All other layers, specifically the Raspberry Pi ones are not tested and will probably fail if patches are involved.

With the Yocto main development now focusing on the scarthgap release, we will do the same as it will be the next LTS release.


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Alright big thanks !

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Hi @TheYoctoJester
We are starting a new HW project which will run yocto-based Linux with mender integrated. Release is planned for Q2/Q3 2024.
We want definitely ship the devices with the latest yocto LTS available at that time which will be Scarthgap.

What is your recommendation to start with?

  • nanbield and mender with master-next branch + patches
  • mickledore and mender master-next
  • kirkstone

Thanks in advance and best regards

Hi @ruben,

My personal recommendation would be to

  1. run with Yocto and meta-openembedded master, because they are already in the scarthgap cycle. It might take a little more integration upfront (e.g. now), and continuous testing, but once the release is final you are rewarded big time because you automatically are on LTS without any additional effort needed. Early in a dev cycle its usually easier to set such up - late in the process theres often too much fire brigade mode to sort things out properly.
  2. use meta-mender master-next (and meta-mender-community master, if applicable) and bump the compatibility flag to scarthgap. The core integration should be fine right out of the box - for the rest we can definitely collaborate on getting it in shape sooner than later.


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Thanks a lot @TheYoctoJester !!

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