Meta-mender-community support for non-LTS releases

@TheYoctoJester Would be an option to make like community driven meta-mender updates to non LTS poky releases?

@MarekBelisko good question, it is something that I also do not have an answer to yet.

The main problem is that many board integrations are not continuously maintained, and in a perfect world each branch would just holds the ones known good working for it. For the master branch I gave it a try and chopped it down to those that I have an eye on.

Now if we introduce branches for any arbitrary release, we end up with even more unmaintained fragmentation, and I’d like to avoid it.

So for the time being, my approach is to have dedicated branches for the LTS releases, and master follows upstream releases (well at least roughly) until the next LTS branches out, then repeat.

If you have another idea how to approach the situation, I’m all ears!


Hi @TheYoctoJester,

I was thinking in this direction:
To avoid hijacking meta-mender/meta-mender-community, forks can be done and maintained. When there is new poky release (non-lts) add support and verify with raspberrypi only and merge changes from upstream. Then if there is request to have support for other boards then add it but only per request (mostly by pull request from somebody who will make it). Then only this forks can have non working integrations but I think people can benefit from that a lot. I can imagine maintaining such forks. Thanks.