Mender Portal Error when Refreshing after creating Filter

Bug request: We have been trying to use the dynamic filters and in particular the ‘Does not Exist’ feature for a Custom tag that we created as shown below called ‘variant’.

The group gets created fine and correctly filters down to a single device which match the criteria(as shown in the first photo). HOWEVER if I refresh the browser or log out and come back later, the group filter is getting changed sometimes from "Does not Exist’ to “Exists”, and othertimes as shown in the 2nd photo to ‘Variant = true’.

UPDATE: It looks like this is just a UI bug and that on the backend the group is still filtered/applied correctly, as if I create a Deployment from my original group using the ‘Does not Exist’ filter it correctly gets deployed to my device. Even though currently through the UI if i Look in that group there are No Devices in the list.

Hello @blinder83,

I can confirm the problem. I already submitted the issue to our devs to work on a fix.


Heyho @blinder83,
the issue is two fold, on the one hand there is the “does not exist” getting changed to “exists” (the fix for this is ready) and on the other hand, the filter translation to the URL state has been lagging the filtering capabilities, which in turn leads to conflicting filters after reloading the page (this is still in progress, but should also land in production shortly). The latter issue does unfortunately imply that existing URLs might need to be updated (although we try to support the existing URLs, but I’m not sure if it’s fully possible).

There is however something about your screenshot that I’m very curious about: the dark appearance you use does not seem to be what we currently have in the UI (+ for now access to it should still be hidden until we polish the remaining areas)… Do you use an extension to get there or a custom stylesheet for the adjustments or something entirely different?

Thanks for the update and yes I agree I think there are 2 similar but different issues going on in regards to the filters.

Yes sorry about that, I am using a browser extension to enable Dark mode on those screenshots.