Mender Cloud UI improvements (or bugs)

these 2 have been bugging me for some time but its time to report them to you and let you know guys. I’m sure their functionality hasn’t been problematic in the past but started after some UI update.
Please see the attachment:

  1. When I click [1] I expect to load device group “All devices” and status “pending” [3]. Instead I stay on whichever device group I am on [2] and only load status pending. So in this example I don’t even get to see these “3 pending” which is just one extra inconsistency as proof of my theory
  2. Moving between groups [2] the status selection [3] remains to whichever value it was. I expect this to reset to “accepted”. This could be just how we use it but I believe it is the most common use. When you go to a group you want to see the accepted devices as you probably want to interact with them and devices in pending state don’t do interact very well. We also never have devices in groups but in pending state but as I said this could just be me.

What do you guys think? @Valeria ?

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Heyho @bender,
Thanks for reaching out and I absolutely agree with the first point. Since the pending count at the top is across all devices, clicking that should take you to All devices filtered by pending - I’ll create a ticket for this and get a fix in asap.
The second topic is however a bit more difficult, since an issue we saw was people moving within the UI and also across their groups expecting their filter selection to stay (e.g. if they selected a group and focused in on a set of devices and create deployments for these). So the decision was to “persist” the filter settings (the device status being one of them) unless there is a clear user action that should clear them.
As for the group selection in particular, I can see the motivation to change this to “accepted” on selection. however this would be inconsistent with the other filters and break the use case to traverse the UI & groups e.g. to find outlier devices in these.
Maybe @michaelatmender has another idea to make this a bit more accommodating for both usage assumptions…

Thanks for 1.
About 2, your explanation makes sense but keep in mind that it should persist only if it was directly selected and not indirectly via the [1] (referring to the screenshot again). So if Im in group X with “accepted” filter on and click on [1] (and see “all devices”+“pending”) and then click on group X or even Y, I would expect to have “accepted” again on. Does this make sense and are we on the same page?