Cannot see "ungrouped devices" in mender server 2.4.0 beta.1

I updated to mender 2.4.0 beta 1.

With this new version I cannot see ungrouped devices. If I search for a device not already in a group with the new filter is ok, but I expect to see this device in the “ungrouped group” to understand that it’s new.

I’m the only one with this issue?

It was actually removed (intentionally) due to various reasons but I think there is work in progress to actually get it back in as it has shown to be valuable to many users.

@mzedel probably has the latest info on this.

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For all non-enterprise user this feature is required to be able to find new devices and add it manually to groups.
At the moment, I have to revert back to 2.3.0, because it’s impossible to use it.

Without dynamic groups also for open-source mender server, “ungrouped devices” are the only reasonable way to identify new devices still not added to static groups.
The new filter using a single value to identify newer devices is not enough.