Create a deploment incorrect targeted device list

I’m seeing a problem on self hosted mender server 2.4.1 when a create a deployment for a release.
When i select the device group to deploy to it always says 1 device will be targeted. If i click the X next to the selected entry and select the same group again i then get the expected number of devices.

Is this something thats fixed in newer versions of server?

What you are seeing is the delay the frontend needs to determine the device list for the group. On initial UI opening, groups are only initialised with a single device (thus the 1 device targeted). Once the Devices/Device Groups tab was opened or the group was selected, the group info is kept in the ui state though.
Unfortunately the handoff of the device list resolution for fixed groups depends on changes in backend that were too large to backport to 2.4 and only released in 2.6.