Hosted Mender showing incorrect Target device(s) name

Hi there,

I use a python script I made and the REST API to add deployments targeting specific groups after automated builds. The deployments seem to be created just fine, but in the hosted UI it shows the Target device(s) as devel no matter what group name I use. I think behind the scenes it’s actually targeting the right devices judging by the # devices column, but still confusing nonetheless. This isn’t a problem if I create the deployment manually.

I’m using hosted mender.

Hi @msaenger can you share your scripting so we can see how the APIs are called?

cc: @mzedel and @peter

Deployments only use the group information internally to retrieve the matching devices, for that reason the is used to display the Target device(s) column in the UI.
Most likely you have the name set to devel in the call to the API. If that is not the case a look at the script would be very helpful (as @drewmoseley said).

Ok I think I found my issue. The API seems to have two places to put the group name which is probably where my confusion comes from. I have the name parameter right that needs to go in /deployments/group/{name} but the API also calls for a name in NewDeploymentForGroup for the body of the POST request which I have set to devel by accident. Is that informational only and doesn’t affect which device(s) the deployment targets?