Unable to create deployment for static groups

I introduced this problem here: "Showing 0 of 1 device pending authorization": device missing in authorization interface not knowing if the two issues where related. Since it seems not to be the case I’m opening a new topic for clarity and better issue tracking

Using Mender Open Source 2.5.0

Creating a deployment targeting a group fails with: “Error creating deployment. internal error [Request ID: ac3001e3]”
Instead if targeting ‘all devices’ there is no error and the deployment goes as expected.

On “Release” tab I click on “CREATE A DEPLOYMENT WITH THIS RELEASE”. Then I select one of the groups I have. Then “NEXT”. Then “CREATE”. Here I have the error.
If instead I select “All devices” instead of a group the error doesn’t happen.

set 30 18:44:21 mender run[12181]: mender-deployments_1             | time="2020-09-30T16:44:21Z" level=error msg="tenant ID not present in the context" file=app.go func="app.(*Deployments).CreateDeployment" line
set 30 18:44:21 mender run[12181]: mender-deployments_1             | time="2020-09-30T16:44:21Z" level=error msg="Internal error" file=view.go func="view.(*RESTView).RenderInternalError" line=58 request_id=e8395
set 30 18:44:21 mender run[12181]: mender-deployments_1             | time="2020-09-30T16:44:21Z" level=info msg="500 1078μs POST /api/management/v1/deployments/deployments/group/lorac-dev HTTP/1.1 - Mozilla/5.0   

Here the logs of the service from boot, with a failed deployment to a group and a successful deployment to “All devices”:


The machine has Debian Buster installed, docker and docker-compose from Debian repositories:


I previously run on the same machine v2.4.0 of Mender, and I never encountered this problem.

Thank you for your help

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Hello @spratesi

thank you for using Mender. It seems to be a bug – we will investigate and fix as soon as possible.

best regards,

the bug has been fixed and it will be the part of upcoming release.
I am sorry for any inconvenience.


Thank you very much!

hello @spratesi

as a workaround could you please change deployments and inventory images in the docker compose file to:


Please take a backup of the installation first.
I am once again sorry for this.


Just to explain more to the uninitiated (like me), you need to:

  1. delete your old deployments and inventory containers from the system (docker container ls and docker container rm ...). Be careful to remove the correct ones!
  2. change the two lines quoted above in prod.yml from “2.5.0” to “2.5.x”
  3. Then re-run ./run pull and ./run up -d to recreate the deployments and inventory containers from image version “2.5.x”, which has the necessary corrections.


Thank you very much, it worked perfectly.
To be noted : the file to change is docker-compose.yml not prod.yml