Cannot create deployments after upgrading mender 2.4.0 to 2.5.0

I upgraded mender from 2.4.0 to 2.5.0 (finally my production server).

I encountered the same issue described here Mender 2.5.0 Problems with Filters, Hostnames and More, plus I lost my groups and preauthorized tab was broken.
To fix that I had to run 3 commands in deviceauth container as described in that discussion.

Now I can see al my devices, ungrouped devices, releases and so on. Everything looks fine.

However, I can’t create a deployment from deployments section (clicking on “create a deployment” button), because it shows error “Error creating deployment. internal error [Request ID: 4c43880d]”.
Instead, if I try to update only a single device, directly from devices section, I can create the deployment.

This is the result of docker logs menderproduction_mender-deployments_1 when I try to create a deployment with “create a deployment” button:

time="2020-11-06T11:46:44Z" level=info msg="204 2122μs GET /api/devices/v1/deployments/device/deployments/next?artifact_name=1.1.0&device_type=devicetype HTTP/1.1 - Go-http-client/1.1" byteswritten=0 device_id=5c59adf4f1440000018554c6 file=entry.go func="logrus.(*Entry).Print" line=300 method=GET path=/api/devices/v1/deployments/device/deployments/next plan=enterprise qs="artifact_name=1.1.0&device_type=devicetype" request_id=c1770e53-4b5d-42b4-b17a-fd13aafa1d4b responsetime=0.002122328 status=204 ts="2020-11-06 11:46:44.574023901 +0000 UTC" type=http

time="2020-11-06T11:46:45Z" level=error msg="tenant ID not present in the context" file=app.go func="app.(*Deployments).CreateDeployment" line=694 request_id=1aa6b32c-9433-4dff-bcb2-5ef6ba102b84 user_id=ac9ad914-ac73-4e0b-8684-9773bfdbd45c
time="2020-11-06T11:46:45Z" level=error msg="Internal error" file=view.go func="view.(*RESTView).RenderInternalError" line=58 request_id=1aa6b32c-9433-4dff-bcb2-5ef6ba102b84 user_id=ac9ad914-ac73-4e0b-8684-9773bfdbd45c
time="2020-11-06T11:46:45Z" level=info msg="500 6310μs POST /api/management/v1/deployments/deployments/group/mygroup HTTP/1.1 - Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_15_7) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/86.0.4240.183 Safari/537.36" byteswritten=103 file=entry.go func="logrus.(*Entry).Print" line=300 method=POST path=/api/management/v1/deployments/deployments/group/mygroup qs= request_id=1aa6b32c-9433-4dff-bcb2-5ef6ba102b84 responsetime=0.006310829 status=500 ts="2020-11-06 11:46:45.610007124 +0000 UTC" type=http user_id=ac9ad914-ac73-4e0b-8684-9773bfdbd45c
time="2020-11-06T11:46:46Z" level=info msg="204 2206μs GET /api/devices/v1/deployments/device/deployments/next?artifact_name=1.1.0&device_type=devicetype HTTP/1.1 - Go-http-client/1.1" byteswritten=0 device_id=5c59ade6f144000001855476 file=entry.go func="logrus.(*Entry).Print" line=300 method=GET path=/api/devices/v1/deployments/device/deployments/next plan=enterprise qs="artifact_name=1.1.0&device_type=devicetype" request_id=57e04c92-dfb6-43c1-b740-b3b3987aab5c responsetime=0.00220656 status=204 ts="2020-11-06 11:46:46.060029956 +0000 UTC" type=http

Do you have suggestions?


Fixed following this Unable to create deployment for static groups

When this fix will be officially released?

Hi @Ks89 I’m not sure about the release into the open source on-prem. @eystein can you comment?


2.5.1 and 2.6.0 are due by end of December 2020.