Cannot create deployment: Error creating deployment. Forbidden


The trial period on my hosted mender account recently ended and I transitioned to a paid plan. The issue is that since this change I can no longer create any deployments.

The Organization and billing page lists my plan as Mender Starter which is not one of the options listed on the Pricing page. Not sure why.

Either way when using the web interface to create a deployment I always get the following error:
Error creating deployment. Forbidden

I get this error both when creating a deployment for a group of devices from the releases page and when creating a deployment for a single device from the device page.

Please help.


@eystein @0lmi can you help here?

Hello @marekl ,

Mender Starter is the former name of Mender Basic - which is what you have. We recently changed the name and will update it. In any case, you have Mender Basic.

Did you use Role Based Access Control during your trial? It may be that this was set up but when you transitioned to Basic that feature is no longer available. If you believe some kind of such mis-configuration is the issue please email