Filter by ungrouped devices in management UI

In the Devices page in the management UI, you can select a specific group, or ‘All Devices’, and it will show matching devices.
However I can’t find a way to find devices that currently don’t have a group assigned. Is this possible using some other method? Filtering by group using the Filters feature would be nice, or at least show the group in a column. But ideally just an ‘Ungrouped’ option on the left along with ‘All Devices’ and other defined groups.

For some background, my particular use-case is that I have a few groups - Live, Testing & Inventory. Devices get provisioned, moved to Inventory, then once installed in the field they are moved to Live. But with more than 20 or so devices it’s getting extremely frustrating using the UI as finding newly provisioned devices isn’t exactly easy.

Due to the introduction of dynamic groups deciding if a certain device is not part of a group gets a bit tricky. An ungrouped device might join a group just when the list of all the ungrouped devices was sent from the backend to the UI. In your scenario it would e.g. be possible to automate joining the Inventory group with the dynamic grouping functionality (you can also automate a deployment to such a dynamic group and get e.g. first boot updates installed).

Since the dynamic groups are an Enterprise only feature, I can understand that having an ungrouped group would be helpful for all other users. We’re currently looking into a way of showing these devices, unfortunately I can not yet say if/ when exactly that will deployed.

any news on this?

Unfortunately the required backend changes didn’t make it into 2.4 and are a bit too involved to introduce them in a patch release. And the preliminary UI based solution would be too taxing for larger device deployments. With the release of Mender 2.5 the ungrouped devices will again be available in all Mender version. We are currently finalizing the 2.5 release and it should be available shortly. On Hosted Mender the corresponding change was deployed at the beginning of July.