Device showing up in search results page only

Hi all,

I’ve got a device which is assigned to a group but does not get listed in the device overview page. When I search for that device using the friendly name, it does show up, though.


Some Screenshots. I’ll clear the browser cache if I find time.

The developer text in the upper left corner of every screenshot is the group name.

@manuel_vps can you please set the number of items per page to 50, and scroll all the pages to see if the device you are looking for is visible but incorrectly sorted?

Did so, device is still not getting listed.

In that case I think we need to take a closer look at your tenant - would it be ok if we create a debug user to take a closer look?

Sure, go ahead!

While you’re at it you could also check the following:

I have too bookmarks for my two devices.

When I open the first bookmark, uncollapse the filter, and then open the second bookmark, it doesn’t update the filter. It displays the device from the second bookmark with the filter from the first.

Only when collapsing the filter pane, I see the correct filter getting displayed for a subsecond before the collapse animation finishes.


Thanks, that helped a lot!
The search results are indeed an issue, but different than expected - I created [MEN-5608] [UI] filters are not bound to a selected group - AS and pinged you there so you can track it.
The device you are looking for in the group doesn’t have the group assigned and rightly doesn’t show in the list of devices, however when filtering from within the group the selected group does not seem to be included in the filtering criteria. I’ll have to look a little bit closer at the area in the code for a better estimate, but with the created ticket you should get notified about the progress.

As for the issue described with the bookmarks, that’s on my plate for a while and I frankly still haven’t gotten around to do it properly. There is a ticket aiming at the same area ([MEN-4989] Right side pop-over windows should update and react to URL - AS), although I don’t fully agree with the extent described in the ticket, the changes involved would also fix the behaviour you’re seeing. Please feel free to subscribe to that ticket or add additional input!

Hi @mzedel,

thanks for looking into it that quickly. I added a watch on the tickets you mentioned.