Mender dashboard : 404 on /inventory/filters and /api/management/v1/useradm/roles causing accepting device and deprovisionning fails

Since i upgraded to mender 2.5, i cannot accept/refuse/dismiss a device (nor can i decomission).
I noticed that i get 404 error on console with theses 2 calls :

Any advice ?

Are you using the Open Source version of the Server?

These services are not available on the Open Source server, so not sure what is going on.

Do you see any other errors?

@mzedel @tranchitella, might be able to shed some light on this.

Yes, i’m using community server (i pulled the 2.5 tag version of

When i try to dissmiss on device, i get an error :
“There was a problem updating the device authorization status: Cannot read property ‘status’ of undefined…”
This call is cancelled in console :

Another thing (perhaps all comes from same bug) : i have a “pending” device waiting for approval (i see (1) on pending tab. But when open the pending tag, there is nothing in it.

Hello @Jerry, you can ignore the 404 error codes for those API calls: the UI detects if those features are available in the back-end (opensource vs. enterprise), no harm there.

Can you please try to follow these instructions?

The command “deviceauth propagate-inventory” gave me a lot of 404 errors like :

INFO[2020-11-19T09:57:28Z] propagating device 5fb3cd3b3077640001364606 file=entry.go func=“logrus.(*Entry).Infof” line=346
ERRO[2020-11-19T09:57:28Z] request PATCH http://mender-inventory:8080/api/internal/v2/inventory/devices/5fb3cd3b3077640001364606 failed with status 404 Not Found, response: {“error”:“Resource not found”} file=entry.go func=“logrus.(*Entry).Errorf” line=362
ERRO[2020-11-19T09:57:28Z] FAILED: PATCH http://mender-inventory:8080/api/internal/v2/inventory/devices/5fb3cd3b3077640001364606 request failed with status 404 Not Found file=entry.go func=“logrus.(*Entry).Errorf” line=362

The two others did well.
When i got back to dashboard, i can see the missing device in “pending” but when i clic on it, i got this :


I tried to make it workd be force refreshing page (F5).
I “accepted” the pending device and got this error in console :

The device is kept on a “pending” state “Waiting for inventory data from the device”

@tranchitella @ckelloug2 : new information that can help you diagnose :
When i “accept” a device, the authorization modal is kept open but the device is “accepted” (as you can see in capture below).

If i refresh the page, the corresponding device stays in the “pending” view, even if it is accepted.
If i launch the 3 following commands in docker, the device disapear from “pending” and move to main list
deviceauth propagate-inventory
deviceauth propagate-inventory-statuses
deviceauth propagate-inventory-id-data

Thanks for your help

@mirzak i rebuilded installation from scratch restoring data from backup and i still have above error with 2.5.0 (community)
Do you have any advice / fix to help me deploy artifacts again ?
Thank you very much for your help

If someone is having the same problem : i figured out a way to fix this :
I decommisionned all devices with the problem above by issuing manual curl calls (DELETE) on following endpoint :
/api/management/v2/devauth/devices/[ID OF THE DEVICE]

Corresponding devices came back on “pending”, i accepted them and all went back to normal.
So it seems that the corresponding entries where messed up in database

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