Okta SAML SSO to Hosted Mender

Hi, we would like to use Okta to SSO into Hosted Mender (we have an enterprise license), and I see that this is now available to us, but there’s no documentation for setting it up. Hitting ‘https://hosted.mender.io/api/management/v1/useradm/sso/idp/metadata’ returns an empty list, and I’m not sure which endpoints to enter into the custom saml application in Okta.

Please send help

Hello @gnedelka have you seen this blog post, and if not - does it help?

I have, and it does not

@peter perhaps you could give me a hand here? :pray:

hello @gnedelka

thank you for using Mender.
if you are an enterprise customer, could you send this request to Mender Support? it would be much easier for us to manage, and then we can write a summary here.