Openid Connect SSO support

Hi is there a plan to support some way of SSO authentication in mender?
I’ve made some solution using kong-oidc with some changes in mender gui and useradm.
Are you interested to discuss?

Hi @mteodor, As far as I know there are no short term plans to support SSO. This is something that was considered early on in the project but a different approach was taken and currently priorities lay elsewhere.

as I said I’ve implemented SSO for mender using kong and keycloak
now what puzzles me how can you restrict user from not deleting other users ?
I dont see any roles or permissions

hello @mteodor,
would you like to explain how you did this? i’m myself in the progress trying to implement a Keycloak solution into mender, explaining how you did it would be of great help!
I also think allot of other people would be interested into this
Greets Gene