Adding a google/github user to organization

How can I add a user signing up with his Google account to our already existing (trial…) organization on hosted mender? Also, is there a way to connect hosted mender with some external SSO system (e.g., Okta) and use that other system for setting up roles?

Hello @uishon,

Currently we don’t have that feature, but let me CC @eystein as he is the roadmap owner so we analyze if it is possible to implement it and how to proceed if so.

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Hello @uishon ,

To your second question first - SSO is on the roadmap, so it’s a feature we are planning. No ETA at this point, but feel free to reach out if this is an urgent need with a timeline and we can look into it more!

Because of this, we do not plan to allow “manually” assigning Google users to your Mender account, this would rather be covered by the SSO feature (you would use the directory to identify which group of users can log in, not manual assignment). That said, we can assign users to your hosted Mender account if you contact

Hope this helps and let us know if you have any further questions!

I have a very similar issue. I’d like to achieve some level of cloud to cloud integration with a platform built by my team. We’d like to automize user enrollment in hosted mender. Our requirement is to authenticate via Microsoft Login.
In theory the API docs suggest that it should be possible by providing login section instead of password in user creation request (Create user call docs). But when I’m sending a request like this:

  "email": "",
  "login": {
    "microsoft": ""

I’m getting Bad Request with following error message:

    "error": "password or login is required",
    "request_id": "db5b593c-5ecc-4ce0-80d4-68b2e205cd60"

Is it already possible to create a user associated with external OAuth token provider?

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Hello @pmartynski,

This is still in development. We are targeting Mender 3.4 for including federated login using SAML.


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