Setting up Enterprise features on Open source version

I having issues setting up Enterprise features…
When I run docker login I get authentication error, isn’t it supposed to work in the opensourve version?

I’m using the same credentials as for

Any idea?

Hi @sd-ricardo,

What do you mean by “setting up Enterprise features”? If you want to run the version respectively feature set noted as “Enterprise” here, then please get in touch with us for a quote. This is only available for commercial customers, who will be provided with access to the container registry.

Alternatively, an Enterprise-level account can be obtained on the Hosted Mender offering.


Ok, thanks for the explanation.
I thought mender Enterprise was a feature that was also available to be used on the Open Source version.
My question then would be: When provisioning devices (by adding meta-mender to the yocto recipe). Can I leave MENDER_TENANT_TOKEN empty and just provide MENDER_SERVER_URL?.

That is the correct approach, yes. @sd-ricardo.