Can't register device on a self-hosted Mender server

I have a self-hosted Mender server in an EC2 instance running Ubuntu18.04
I followed the very well maintained instructions from here and the server is up. I was also able to generate an user and login using the web ui as well.

Also, I have another EC2 instance running Ubuntu18.04 with the Mender-client installed. I changed the server_url in the /etc/mender/config file. However, I am not able to connect to the server and register as a device.

The demo version of the server doesn’t provide with a TENANT_TOKEN, and I didn’t find any existing documentation on how to connect the Mender-client to the server. Am I missing something? Can I get a detailed process on how can I register a mender-client running in a EC2 instance to a demo mender-server running on another server.

Hi @surajtripathy

There should be nothing keeping you from accomplishing this.

You need not worry about the TENANT_TOKEN for a self-hosted instance, this is hosted-mender specific.

Are you sure your server_url is correct in this instance? I mean, can you ping your server from the machine with the client on it?