Mender support for Yocto Gatesgarth

NXP recently updated and released i.MX BSP based on Yocto Gatesgarth but Mender ( as of 09-Apr-21 16:00 ) has not released Gatesgarth branch yet,

  1. Is Mender Gatesgarth release already scheduled?
  2. If not, do you recommend us to go with the “master” branch code?
  3. Did anyone tried the Gatesgarth integration yet for i.MX 8MM EVK?

Any inputs would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Daniel Selvan

A Gatesgarth branch will not be released for meta-mender. After Yocto started releasing LTS releases, Mender has decided to follow only those.

You can try to use meta-mender’s master branch, but it is only build tested against poky/dunfell, so compatibility wise it is the same as meta-mender’s dunfell branch.

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