Mender 2.4.x for sumo


we think about using mender with out current yocto build (sumo) on a raspberry. However, we only want to use the mender client for updating single files and do not want to run any full system updates. For file updates apparently we need version 2.4.x, which does not support sumo anymore.

Can anyone point a direction on how we could have a file update up and running on sumo? Anyone tried it before and can share some information on that?

It is not feasible for us to update the yocto build since we are migrating to a new board anyways and just want to be able to maintain operational status (updating firmware) for those boards.

Greatly appreciate any hint on the topic.


In the absence of any better ideas from the mender team.

but in your situation, I would probably take on the technical debt and test copying the and supporting files into my own layer and see if it compiles, then test thoroughly. I am running sumo also on another board and have to maintain the meta-mender bootloader patches anyway to work with my version of uboot. If there are errors then i usually put the necessary changes in a .bbappend file to decouple things.

Hi @michafn,

I am uncertain where this information is coming from. Update Modules feature is from Mender 2.0.x, and the “standard” Update Modules (including single-file) were released in Mender 2.1.x. Please let me know where the miss-understanding is coming from so that we can correct it :slight_smile:

Latest Mender client available for sumo is 2.2.1 (corresponds to Mender 2.3.x - versioning might be a bit confusing) so you should be able to use the Update Modules with no further changes.

I would recommend against this. The main challenge is that from Mender client 2.3 and above requires newer golang features that are not available for sumo. So you would then need to first port the golang recipes, and then attempt to compile Mender client.

agreed, but an unfortunate reality of managing yocto projects over time