How many devices supported to deployment for mender the open source version?

Hi, Mender Team

how many devices supported to deploy for mender open source ?

I read features overview among opensource ,starter , professnal … , I didnt see about the feature like this topics .

I saw that demo veriosn only can support 10 devices for free .

my 1st qutiones is :

Does open source Mender have some limitation ? if so , what are limitations ? For example , the limiation of the number of devices to connect and deploy ;

I know that the open source mender without authentication from the server and client as defualt ,which it have been supported in enterprise mender . But it seem that this ability can be add by own . is that true ?

my 2nd question is :

How much devices can be deployed simultaneously ?

my 3rd question is :

If I deploy 3k devices with 1G size artifact , how many time would be cost until completed ?

thanks for respone!!

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Come across someone !

I’m not 100% certain, but i think there are no limitations on scale but just on feature-set available.
However @mirzak may be able to confirm this

On the open-source plan, you are hosting the server yourself so the only limitations are due to the resources of your server.