Mender server resource requirements for Scalability Testing

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I would like to know how to estimate the mender server resource (CPU , RAM , storage )requirements for a specific no of devices for creating instances in the cloud to check the Scalability.
Estimated no of device is 3000 , and the Poll Interval to be set to 10 minutes.


Hi @arun, my colleague @tranchitella should be able to help with this.


@drewmoseley, @tranchitella any updates on this.


@arun with Mender 2.4 you can consider 1 GB or RAM and 1vcpu to handle 3k devices with a poll interval set to 10 minutes, including mongodb.

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But how i’ll calculate the load in the scenario like min device is 100 & maximum is upto 100k.


@arun more than the absolute number of devices, what is important is the number of API calls the backend needs to answer, which is strictly related to your polling interval. The Mender server scales up linearly, and you can run multiple instances of the different microservices to load-balance the traffic across multiple servers if needed. We run Hosted Mender using Kubernetes and auto-scaling, and serve several millions of API calls per hour.

If you have 100 or 3k devices, the server requirements are more or less the same because you need the basic infrastructure up and running in any case. Scaling up to 100k devices with a 10 minutes poll interval will require you approximately double the resources I mentioned above (2GB of RAM and 2 vcpus).

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