[FEATURE_REQUEST] Web UI advanced sorting for releases


I’d like to have some more advanced filter options when viewing releases in the Web UI.
Those are the features i’d consider useful:

  • Entry field with glob Patterns: e.g. *-v1.0.*
  • sorting by date (normal and reversed just like currently with Name)

Advanced features i’d consider cool:

  • Entry field with regex patterns: e.g. .*-v1.0.[1-3]+


Hello @siredmar we do have some more advanced filtering in our Enterprise offering and probably plans to add even more. Thanks for the suggestion. cc @eystein


Hi @siredmar ,

Which version are you on? At least in the latest version (2.6 and hosted Mender) sorting all columns work (including date / Last check in).

Enterprise also supports regex filtering, you can try it out using a free trial account: Mender

Does that resolve your questions?

Heyho @siredmar,
in the releases list you should already be able to search for substrings of the device_types_compatible, description and release- Name.
Please correct me if I’m wrong, but looking at the values you look for I suspect that you might want to add the payload metadata into that list as well - right?
Since the filtering for the releases is done in the browser, I’ll need to see how many attributes we can reasonably support - but some more should definitely be ok - even with several 100 releases… Supporting the regex patterns might however require a bit more effort…
Luckily adding the date sorting should again not be a problem :slight_smile: