Feature request: Provide direct links to individual deployments in web UI

Hello all,

we are running Mender 2.5 in managed mode with hosted server. During development, on a few occasions it would have been helpful for us if the web UI would provide direct links to individual deployments. So, if I would like to tell me my collegue “hey, that deployment looks interesting, could you take a look at it?”, it would be convenient if I could just give him/her a link pointing to the deployment in question.

Otherwise, I could either copy all the info into a seperate document and send that over (inconvenient!); or have him/her find the deployment by providing the start time (this requires going through a ever-changing number of pages of deployments).

Note that (at least at the Starter tier) it is NOT possible to filter the deployment lists by individual devices! The filter prompt accepts uuids of device groups only. During development we frequently do deployments to individual devices.

Or is the culprit that we are on Starter Tier? Is this already supported in Professional Tier?

It would also be helpful if, in case if the deployment overview page could be set to display the friendly names instead of the uuids. We already set the Device identity attribute in the settings page to friendly, but that seems to affect the device overview page only.

@eystein for your review.