Customized splash screen in mender SD image

I have created mender SD image using Ubuntu 18.04 base image.
Now I want to add customized splash screen.
I followed below link and added line “GRUB_BACKGROUND=”/boot/grub2/images/RHEL_8_Desktop.png" in /etc/default/grub and ran command “sudo update grub”.

But still I don’t see customized splash screen on boot.

@drewmoseley @mirzak any idea how can I achieve it.

That is going to depend heavily on what your target distro is and whether it even uses GRUB and supports a splash screen.

You can add an image to the kernel that replaces the tux logo in the kernel console but that will come after the bootloader.

@drewmoseley My target distro is Ubuntu X86.
I have installed ubuntu base image in virtual box and then created img file out of it and then passed it as a input to mender-convert tool to generate SD image.
So when I install image in virtual box, I can see splash screen appears. but when I create and install SD image on my device, splash screen doesn’t appear.

I also want to disable console logs on shutdown.
Followed link -
and did following changes,
/etc/sysctl.d/10-console-messages.conf and set
kernel.printk = 0 4 1 7

But I still see logs on shutdown. But same thing works in ubuntu base image.
Any idea why the similar things doesn’t work in mender SD image ?

The splashscreen bits don’t work because Mender uses a highly customized grub.cfg. You may want to take a look at this repo as that will likely need to be modified to support splashscreens.

As for the console log messages I don’t know. I suspect it is because of the changes made in grub.cfg to the kernel command line and such. That’s where I would start digging.


Thanks @drewmoseley. I will have a look into that repository.

@drewmoseley Can u guide me to add splash screen support ?

I’ve never looked at it from grub. Sorry.