Mender SD image shows error "no such device" on boot


I have created SD image using mender-convert tool. My base image is ubuntu 18.04. GRUB repository version is grub-mender-grubenv-1.3.0
When I try to boot SD image on my X86 laptop it shows initial logs as follows,

Welcome to GRUB,
error: no such device: ((hd0,msdos1)/EFI/BOOT)/EFI/BOOT/grub.cfg
lock: OK
lock: OK

Though image gets booted successfully and everything works fine, but this error log on boot gives bad impression.
so I want to fix.
@drewmoseley @mirzak Could you please help to me to fix this error ?

Error is not coming from /boot/efi/EFI/BOOT/grub.cfg file that I have confirmed by adding echo statement at the top of the grub.cfg file.
The error comes before grub.cfg file gets loaded.

It seems that grub is trying to load a grub.cfg from that location and failing. I’m not sure why but it may be built into the grub binary you are using. @mirzak I assume we use the already built GRUB binary from Ubuntu right or am I misremembering?

This issue is resolved with mender-convert version 2.2.1. I had observed this with old version.