Yocto template update and how to manage it in the future


Hi all,

We recently made an update to the Yocto topic template, and I have gone trough and updated the posts which I am author of to match the template. The new addition is a small section on how to setup server configuration during a Yocto build (for Demo and Hosted server).

But this got me thinking, the template change does not trigger a notification nor can you see the diff of the change once it has been made. The template is only visible when you click the “create new post” button, and the actual text is under the “category” settings which only admins can access.

The current setup makes it hard to track any changes unless I write a post each time we update the template (rather not :slight_smile: ).

I wanted to start a discussion to see if we can improve in this regard.

From the top of my head, we could put the template in a ordinary “post” in the relevant sub-category. This would trigger notifications because you can “watch it” and we also get history.

We could also keep the “template post” in sync with the text under category settings to make sure that you get the correct text when you press the “new topic” button.



@mirzak I think it will be great to put it as article so at least we can see what was changed and improve existing articles. :+1: Thanks


Created it @ [ Topic template ]