Wayland not displaying an image on Raspberry Pi 4 (Yocto)

Dear Mendor,

I am always grateful for your wonderful release.

I’ve built core-image-weston on raspberry pi 3 and 4 with mendor’s yocto.
Image of raspberry pi 3 is works(right one on pic), but Image of raspberry pi 4 is NOT working (left one on pic). There is only a arrow on black screen after booting.

In both images, weston-related processes are also running. The logs were compared, but no singularities were found.

Can you help me with this problem?


I suspect this is more of a Yocto problem than a Mender problem. Depending on which branch you are using I seem to recall some issues with graphics drivers and such. You may have more success over on the Yocto mailing lists.