Trouble decommissioning devices

I am testing Mender with a couple Beaglebones and have trouble decommissioning devices. See AxiosError in the screenshot. Before that error pops up, the UI is flickering. Any ideas?

Thank you.

I was able to stop the flickering before it hit that error by hitting the “reject”. Now that device is in status “pending”, not sure what it’s waiting for. Does it take a while to disappear?

A different device mac: …66:79 is still in the list as well, I am receiving a “device not found” popup when I try to decommission, see screenshot.

Resolved. Turned out to be sporadic synchronization issues on the backend, as described here

Thanks for the update, we had been experiencing the issue here too and are glad this is fixed.
The pointer to the status page is useful too, will keep it bookmarked :slight_smile: