Cannot decommission 2 devices

2 devices I’ve got cannot be decommissioned. Devices were never “fully” registered (the UI says it’s waiting for inventory data from the device for a couple of days already) but cannot be decommissioned. No error message though. (BTW, when querying for the list of devices using mender-cli, these 2 devices do not show up - if that helps…)

Hi @uishon,

Do you have any screenshots?
Does it show any button for “Reject” the device? Or does it seems it was already “accepted”?
As you are describing it, potentially it could be an issue on our side, so let us look there as well.

I will ping you back as soon as possible.


@lramirez : I see the same issue here on our system (self-hosted mender server 3.0.x). The authentication status of the devices is accepted and there is only the option to select decommission device. The options to dismiss or reject the device is not available as shown in the screen shot.
Also in our case the devices were never “fully” registerd.

Is there a solution available to delete these devices?

Thanks in advance.!


Anyone suggestions how to get rid of these devices in Mender?

Thanks for the help.

Hey @tranchitella and @merlin, do you have any input on how to remove this device?

Hey Dave,

nice to hear from you again :slight_smile:
did you try the APIs to remove all the authsets: Mender API docs and then decommission?


Hi @peter ,

Sorry for the late response but I did not get a notification about your message.

In the meantime I cleared the complete database and started from scratch.
Maybe a rigorous action but it solved my problem :wink: