Standalone deployment & the mender-client daemon

Hi all,

First-time poster and glad to be part of the community. I’m looking for some insight on how the daemon is disabled for standalone deployment.

The Standalone Deployment page describes stopping Mender client running as a daemon in order to use standalone mode. The command given is sudo systemctl stop mender-client. I ran the command before doing a standalone update, and after a reboot, I was surprised to see the mender-client.service still listed as inactive. I would expect that state if I had done a disable, as opposed to a stop. Is the mender -install disabling the mender-client daemon as part of installation?

I don’t want the daemon to be active, but am curious about how it became disabled. I’m running Mender 2.6 with Debian Buster on a Raspberry Pi 3.


Are you sure it was enabled before running stop?

There is nothing in your description which should disable the service, the only way would be through systemd's disable. So, since you say this was never run I would assume the image you installed had the daemon disabled by default.

I had interactively installed mender-client on the system, but I don’t specifically remember checking the service status before doing the stop. So I agree the best explanation is that it was not enabled to begin with.

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