Disable mender-client by default


I’m trying to set mender-client systemd service disabled by default. So added : SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE = "disable" to mender-client_%.bbappend file. Problem is that mender-client service is started despite of that (it’s not present in /etc/systemd/system/muti-user.want and
cat /lib/systemd/system-preset/98-mender-client.preset
disable mender-client.service

Any ideas? Thanks.

Hi @MarekBelisko

Did you dump the bitbake environment and verify that the AUTO_ENABLE value is set correctly? It’s possible that there is a layer of higher priority that is turning it back on.


Yes it was disabled : SYSTEMD_AUTO_ENABLE="disable" and also it’s reflected by /lib/systemd/system-preset/98-mender-client.preset

This is odd. @kacf do you have any idea on this?

Mender-connect is also started by default, and depends on mender-client, this could be the reason.

@kacf yes you’re right. Thanks for hint. :+1: