Sending jobs


I was hoping to substitute AWS Greengrass with Mender client. The plan is to use Mender components for issuing jobs device commands to do the following on the gateway device (running Raspberry Pi 4) from the cloud (AWS):

  • Get access to the file system
  • Get access to the processes table
  • Restart services
  • Get web access to the frontend application that’s hosted on the device

The question is can we use the Mender client together with the AWS IoT Core without having to spin an additional AWS IoT Device Client?

I’d appreciate if you point me in the right direction.

Thank you.

Hello @Yevgen,

That sounds very much like you’re describing the Troubleshoot Add-On. It gives you pretty much exactly those features, or at least the building blocks. So it would naturally be a good fit. I cannot comment on the AWS IoT Core integration though. Is that your application that you want to run then?


Well, the application is hosted locally on the gateway server and allows the user to manage and control the end devices as well as to configure the gateway itself. So, in those cases when the user is not at home and he/she wants to control the device, they should be allowed to do so by getting access to that very frontend application through the cloud web application that will forward the user to his gateway after clicking on the gateway icon in the control panel.