Mender, AWS IoT, Greengrass and automatic provisioning


I’m testing out the integration between Mender and AWS IoT. This works flawless and it helps me a lot! What I’m unsure about is how to update greengrass. So I’ve written a apply-device-config script which updates the greengrass config with the AWS certificate. All that works fine.

What I’m struggling with is “thingName”, which is from what I understand an ID which is generated server side by mender. This is also the name of the “thing” in AWS IoT.

How can I obtain “Device ID” in my apply-device-config script?

Kind regards, Kristian

Hi @grimsby,

Sorry it took a few days to look into the topic. So, right now there is no way to obtain the device ID on the device itself.
Having said that, we’d like to understand your use case and requirement to help and improve Mender.

Could you please elaborate a bit on the functionality that requires the device ID, and how you intend to use it? I guess that this is a problem that but only you are facing, and if we get a good grasp of the use case then we can propose a solution, possibly a new suitable API endpoint.