Sending e-mail to newly created users (Mender Open-Source Server)

Hi all,
[Mender Open-Source Server]

I have a question about the user management. New user creation requires adding an e-mail address to it’s account. When I create the new user, the user does not get the email containing the account credentials. Is it a bug or did I miss something during server configuration? Or the Open-Source Mender server does not support email sending? I search the documentation but I only find information about Account Role management.

Thank you.


Hi @tamasfrei ,
which Mender server configuration are you using? The Kubernetes setup?
In that case, the Helm Chart came with default SMTP values like localhost:25, had you configured the values already?

Thank you for the fast response.
I used docker compose to set up the whole Mender Server.

Hi @tamasfrei
the workflows-worker service is the one that sends emails: it took SMTP conf from env variables.
Here the basic env vars: integration/docker-compose.yml at master · mendersoftware/integration · GitHub

If you need customization you can add environment variables as required. You can find the available env vars from the default config.

For example you can customize the docker-compose.yml with:

        image: mendersoftware/workflows-worker:mender-master
        command: worker --excluded-workflows generate_artifact,generate_delta_artifact
            WORKFLOWS_MONGO_URL: mongodb://mender-mongo:27017
            DEVICECONNECT_ADDR: "mender-deviceconnect:8080"
            HAVE_DEVICECONFIG: 1
            DEVICECONFIG_ADDR: "mender-deviceconfig:8080"
            WORKFLOWS_SMTP_USERNAME: my-username

Please ensure you have a valid SMTP server in place.