Cannot initiate password reset

I have installed Mender server version 3.4.0 using the helm chart.
After creating some users from web UI, I tried to initiate password reset, but it failed with the following error.

The password reset request cannot be processed: Resource not found

The developer tool on the web browser showed the following call resulted in http 404.

Can someone help how to fix this problem?

Hi @koki,

This sounds like the issue at Unable to create admin user - Kubernetes Mender Deployment - #4 by TheYoctoJester. If that is accurate, then we’re already working on it. Sorry for the inconvenience!


Hello @TheYoctoJester,
Thank you for the info.
I’ve read the linked thread, but it seems a different problem.
I can log in with a user created via useradm command.
Also, I can create other users from web UI, and can log in with these users as well.
What I cannot do is to reset user password.

Hi @koki
Password reset feature is not available in the open source.

Hello @kjaskiewiczz
Thank you, I understand.
Then I think the following API documentation should be updated:
It does not mention that the password reset request initiation is not available in the open source version. It would be great that the document for this API has a phrase similar to

This operation is only available in our commercial offering and requires you to be on the following plans: 
* enterprise

like List Roles API (Mender API docs)