Raspberry Pi OS Lite, Debian version: 12 (bookworm)

I’m planning to change mainline for my Raspberry Pi CM4 to Bookworm. I plan to run in 32-bit mode by setting arm_64bit=0 in config.txt.

My current workflow is based on creating a golden image and then running mender-convert v3.0.1.

Does mender-convert support Bookworm?


Hi @sbrw,

Unfortunately Debian Bookworm support is backlogged at the moment, but hopefully will be sorted out real soon. Just to understand the context correctly, this an existing project that is currently running on Bullseye or earlier?



Thanks for the reply.

Yes, it’s an existing project running Bullseye.

Actually made an attempt. The device could register to our hosted Mender with these changes:

  • Shrink Bookworm’s boot partition from 512M to the projects 256M
  • Apt install mender-client (got a really old version though)

But the project will wait for official support.

Thanks again!