Mender-convert + Debian bookworm?


We are using Debian bookworm, and are able to install mender-client 4 using the convenience script.

Although, mender-convert does not seem to able to do the same.

(actually, it seems that mender-convert does not even install mender-client v3 for bookworm, as bookworm does not appear on the list of distributions the config file.
Therefore, it wants to install the default package, for buster, which misses many binaries upon installation)

We would need to deploy our devices in offline scenarios, so a build-time installation with mender-convert would be required, so we are internally patching mender-convert to access the package in your the repository folder here.


  1. Is there a reason for this discrepancy, or a work-in-progress that I have missed in the communication ?

  2. Should this be reported on Github ?

Thank you very much in advance,
Wishing you a great day.

Hi @fce,

The bookworm support in mender-convert is currently being worked on, but not visible to the outside yet. A first working state should be public in late June. Note though that the priority is on the Raspberry Pi (and 64bit) support, so if you are on a different platform additional modifications might be required. Such a customisation could (and should) be upstreamed in the repository then if the board/device is publicly obtainable.